TicTac Dolls

“I want this mom! With the exact same clothes as mine!”

It will make every child (and adult) dream, Tic-Tac dolls are a classic in the world of play. The clothes are thought to the smallest detail and handmade. We give new life to the remain pieces of our collections because playing is synonymous with renewing.

Like each child, each is unique and therefore limited edition.

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  • Carmo doll

    42,00 com IVA
  • Mónica’s Kit

    19,00 com IVA
  • Leonor’s Kit

    19,00 com IVA
  • Olívia Doll

    44,00 com IVA
  • Carlota doll

    42,00 com IVA
  • Matilde doll

    40,00 com IVA
  • Madalena doll

    42,00 com IVA
  • Júlia doll

    43,00 com IVA
  • Monica doll

    40,00 com IVA
  • Leonor Doll

    42,00 com IVA
  • Ana Doll

    45,00 com IVA
  • Maria Doll

    41,00 com IVA
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